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To ensure delivery of advertising claims, SWISSCORR has built quality into our products and services. We give 100% commitment to eliminate errors at every stage of the product development process—product design, process design, and manufacturing. In fact, delivering excellent products and offering the benefits customers seek is one of SWISSCORR’s company value.

Making Beauty Products Since 2009.

Swisscorr International Sdn Bhd is a marketer of skin care, body care and supplement products incorporated on 2009,. The Company’s products are sold in Asia Countries with more than 1000 beauty salons & distributors. Swisscorr International Sdn Bhd started our business by introducing Swisscorr Apple Stem Rejuvenation Drinks in 2009. A collaboration with Swiss chemist to develop a comprehensive anti-aging supplement and to be claimed as the first supplement that helps to stimulate the rejuvenation of skin stem cell. Swisscorr then went one step further by introducing to the world Swisscorr Bust Contouring Oil, a 100% natural plant oil which helps to increase breast size, firming and toning within 3 minutes. It’s a remarkably success for our company for the excellent and effective quality.

In 2013, we as Swisscorr are proud to offer you a line of Skin care products (under the brand of REVE), which develop using plant stem cell technology. Reve skin care offers parabens free and fragrance free that have been made to offer your skin a healing natural touch. You can feel the difference that nature and science make in our products.

Caring, Inspiring & Gratifying

SWISSCORR are committed to create a caring, inspiring & gratifying environment for our members, customers, partners and staff.

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Always committed to uncompromising product quality

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Committed to create a caring, inspiring & gratifying environment for our members, customers, partners and staff